Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Ordinary Day Turned Extraordinary

I can't say that I have anything poignant to say on a Friday night on my blog, but I felt compelled to write, so here I am.

I suppose I should start by saying that I'm definitely out of the shit-spiral from last week.Yes, my hallway still not where I want it to be, and some of my co-workers are still stressing the hell out of me, but I'm coping with it. 

I expressed in my last post the need to have faith in my administrators in helping me to take care of the problems on my hallway. To avoid giving away too many details, I'll leave it at the following thought. There are few things more awesome than acknowledgement of your hard work and efforts and support of your actions towards the positive. 

In fact, there you go. I think that's why I felt compelled to write. I needed to share that my day, while very similar to an ordinary day, differed in that my faith in my administrators is actually paying off. Simply having confirmation that my administrators have my back turned my day from ordinary to extraordinary. As the next month unfolds, here's to more of those!

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